Stockmarket Confidential press ad

This page advertisement ran in the 1980s, bringing in thousands of new subscribers for the Stockmarket Confidential newsletter, published by Stonehart Publishing.

How new media confuses publishers

Today, publishing marketers are generally confused and misdirected by new technology. We see very little successful advertising around. Why is that?

Why UK website publishers can't sell

Let's face it: UK website publishers cannot sell. That is why there are so many free sites -- it has all been some kind of controlled free magazine experiment that is now coming to an end.

Why readers should pay for a subscription

Discussions on paid content are similar in scope to the economists, accountants and bankers who, until 2008, forecast continual growth. Now, of course, we are well into a long, scary recession and everyone knows they got it wrong. But, despite all that, I see that financial and economic forecasts are now back into mainstream media ..

Why you probably can't write good copy

Although you probably know your product better than almost anyone, how many times have you gone out and bought as a customer? Probably never.

Free Subscriptions Copywriter book!

What makes a good subscriptions copywriter? How do you distinguish bad copy from good? How can you lift website sales from mediocre to highly profitable? Click on the headline above and download our free book today!

How to be a perfect subscriptions marketer

Where do you get your advice? I see the main problem for successful marketing as amateurs doing-it-themselves. Perhaps they have picked something up from a marketing forum. Or from a promotion they have seen. Then they copy it. Oh dear!

Is any publisher making social media work?

Two years ago we asked the question: ‘Is any company making social media work? Is anyone making any money?’ We are still looking!

How much does a subscriptions copywriter cost?

A subscriptions marketing copywriter delivers far more than just copy. It’s a sales job. ‘Subscriptions copywriting’ can include techniques for all kinds of profit building and cost reduction ..

Capturing profitable leads

In selling, the quality of your leads is most important. Let’s take the process step-by-step and look at how some highly successful websites are capturing and converting customers … Then we show how Top Gear has lost its way.